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Can you check my electric motor and verify if it is good or bad?

Yes. You can always bring your motor in for a bench test. However, you may need to drop it off for a day or two depending on our work load at that time. A bench test fee of $ 20.00 may be applied. If you purchase a new motor or have yours repaired that fee will be waived.

Can you check my capacitor(s) to see if that is my problem?

Yes. We will test your capacitors right at the counter to prove they are good or bad. But please be Careful removing your capacitors. Capacitors store a charge and if they did not discharge properly due to a problem with the motors switch you could get hit with an electrical charge. Be sure to short the terminals together with an insulated handled screwdriver before handling.

How often should I lubricate the bearings in my motor(s)?

Over greasing and mixing greases is one of the biggest reasons for premature bearing failures. Always consult the manufacturer’s maintenance and installation manual for lubrication intervals and amounts of grease. If you need one of these manuals just contact us using your preferred method and we will most likely have it in an electronic format.

Can you fix my Pool, Spa or Lake Pump?

The problem with these motors is that they typically have a lot of rust or corrosion. Bolts typically break when working on these items which adds time to the repair during re-assembly. If your motor and pump are not an OEM we almost always replace pool and spa motors with either just a motor or with a complete motor and pump assembly.

Do I need to bring my motor in to identify it for replacement?

No. You can always call us at (248)332-4622 with the nameplate data or better yet send us a picture of the nameplate and an overall picture of the motor via email at sales@pontiacelectricmotors.com. We also offer an online chat during business hours.

How long does it take to rewind or repair my motor?

Standard turnaround time on most repairs is 7-10 working days. We offer a “Hot Rush” repair that can be done in 2-3 working days but this is usually for our Industrial based Customers who may have a plant or quarry down. Of course this is subject to the availability of any needed parts by the Manufacturer.

Should I repair or just replace my electric motor when it fails?

This depends completely on what type of motor you have. We have a lot of experience at replacing and retrofitting new motors. In fact, if your motor is a standard frame motor and the winding has shorted we would most likely replace it up to about 50HP before we would even think of rewinding it. It just isn’t economical to perform all that work when you can get a new one with a Factory warranty at a very similar cost.

How long is my warranty?

This depends on what Manufacturer of motor or drive you purchased. Some are as little as one year and some are as long as 5 years. Any motor that we rewind will have a 1 year warranty. We cannot extend the warranty on a motor just because we cleaned it and changed the bearings because it is still the same Factory winding from the original purchase date.

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