Warranty Policy

All products come with their own respective manufacturer’s factory warranty and are subject to those manufacturer’s policies & procedures. Most Warranties only apply to manufacturing defects. All products must be returned to Pontiac Electric Motor Works. Inc. or an authorized warranty station that is approved by the manufacturer of the product for warranty inspection. The product must be returned at the customer’s expense. Warranty does not cover any shipping expenses. Our warranty department will determine if the problem is a warranty. The product may be replaced or repaired. Please save your receipt, as it is required in order for us to process the warranty. It is the buyer’s responsibility to retain the receipt.

Manufacture warranty does not cover shipping cost, loss of use or any service technician install cost.

Most electric motors, blowers and pumps have a one year warranty for manufacturing defects.

Warranty is void if any motor or fan that has been “opened up” or disassembled.

Note: Most motor failures are caused by improper voltage being applied to the motor (not wired correctly) or too small of horsepower for the application. All of the motors we sell have a connection diagram on the motor name plate. Be sure to read it carefully. If you are unsure what needs to be done, then you should call a qualified electrician. Most motors that have been returned to us that are supposedly defective, where the purchaser claims the motor does not operate properly, we have found upon our inspection that the motor is not defective but has not been installed correctly, either through improper wiring or being undersized for the load characteristics of the application.